According to reports by the Small Arms Survey, there were about 857 million civilian-owned guns worldwide in 2017. Considering the instability and uncertainty today, it is no brainer that people are looking for new ways of protection.

Firearm possession is not to be taken lightly. It comes with a range of benefits.  These include giving you a sense of safety, improving your motor skills, and you can use it as a hobby.

With the benefits, you think that every gun owner knows how to avoid common gun owner mistakes. But that is not any further from the truth. If you recently bought a gun, check out these mistakes to avoid and handle the weapon properly.

1. Skipping Gun Safety Training

Every firearm owner and even the aspiring owners should prioritize safety training. Unfortunately, it is among the most overlooked requirements. This is the main culprit for the continuously increasing firearm accidents.

Adequate safety training helps you to understand proper gun handling and safety rules. In return, it minimizes the risks of negligent discharge that put both you and your loved ones at risk.

Furthermore, regular training improves accuracy. You will learn the basics of grip and stance, which will increase your skill levels. Such abilities prevent chances of miscalculated shooting, thus low chances of causing accidents.

You also learn extra skills like how to stay calm under pressure. You know when to pull the trigger and when to refrain.

Training is the secret to increasing your gun-holding confidence. Understanding more about firearms, their upsides and downsides, and how to effectively use them prevent you from making bad decisions.

2. Making Wrong Purchase Choice

The first rule is to never settle for a gun because it is cheap. Yet, it is one of the rules that most gun owners tend to break.

Moreover, it would be best not to buy a small firearm, hoping you only need it to scare away assailants. Guns should be your last self-defense option. It is not something that you go around pointing at people to create fear.

To some individuals, guns are a right of passage. You, therefore, need the best option in the market in terms of size, construction, and ease of use.

Take your time to check out different types of guns, their pros, and cons before making a purchase decision based on what suits your needs best.

Thanks to the internet, you can now browse through different options online. Check the brand and what others have to say about the guns. You will have an idea of what to look for even if you have never held a gun before.

Refrain from purchasing a gun that seems too much to handle for a beginner. Start with the most basic and maybe build your way to a more powerful choice once you get the hang of handling and shooting.

3. Poor Gun Accessories Choice

The next important step following your gun purchase is the search for accessories. The accessories are as necessary as the gun. Therefore, you should strive to get the best in the market.

Be sure to invest in the highest quality accessories that can stand the test of time. The additions aim to improve your gun handling experience. They dictate how easy or hard it will be to use and store the firearm, especially if it is your first time.

Check out reliable brands and vendors for all your AR 15 accessories needs. It would be better to pay more for parts that can serve you well for longer than pay less for accessories that will complicate your experience or need replacement soon.

4. Off-Body Carrying

Proper gun handling includes protecting those around you. And among the tips to ensure that the firearm does not get on the wrong hands is always to carry it on your body.

Some situations may force you to carry the firearm off-body. For instance, you may be forced to carry it in your purse, but that should be the last thing to result too.

Your little ones could get hold of it and cause an accident. The gun could be stolen and used to commit crimes, and you could be held liable for it.

To avoid such mishaps, always carry the gun on your body. This gives you total control of your weapon and gives your access to it when you need it.

5. Failure To Educate Your Loved Ones

As earlier mentioned, your gun could get into the wrong hands. Regardless of how cautious you are, an untrained family member could get hold of it. Kids especially are curious beings and have a way of reaching things they are not supposed to.

If they have no clue about guns’ usage, you can already bet what will happen next. Often, gun accidents are not caused by the owner but by their kids, spouses, or visiting relatives. Avoid such incidents by educating everyone in your household about guns.

Most importantly, inform your kids that they are off-limits when you are not there to supervise them. Let them know the dangers of mishandling the weapon.

If they have to use it in your absence, ensure they understand the basics, such as indexing and pointing the firearm in safe directions.

6. Improper Gun Storage

Proper gun storage is of utmost importance, both for you and your loved ones. Make a habit of storing it safely when not in use to ensure it does not get into the wrong hands.

Reports show that approximately 4.6 million kids live in homes where firearms are left loaded and unlocked. This only puts the innocent kids in harm’s way, something you can avoid by investing in safe storage for guns.

Always put the gun inside the safe and lock it. Although some individuals feel that locking up the guns makes it hard to access them when needed, it is a much better option than leaving them lying anyhow.

The idea prevents tragedy. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind when you are not there to watch over your kids.

7. Overlooking Gun Maintenance

A gun can be as safe as it is clean and maintained. Whether you use your firearm regularly or on rare occasions, you should be willing to maintain it properly to maximize its functionality.

Gun maintenance is critical, especially if you are into indoor shooting range. The gun is prone to powder residue and grime buildup. With time, the dirt prevents the firearm from proper functioning, and that endangers you.

It will help if you invest in a gun cleaning kit that comes with specific cleaning supplies. These include cleaning solvent, rods, lubricant, and polishing cloths.

Investing in a cleaning kit saves you from using products that are not firearm-friendly. When cleaning, make sure you read the instruction manual. And don’t forget to wipe it down before storage.

8. Use of Wrong Ammunition

You will be surprised by how many accidents occur due to inappropriate ammunition use. Firing the wrong one may cause the gun to explode in your hands, putting both you and those around you at risk.

It is paramount to understand the different ammunition types and their purposes. Using one outside its intended purpose does more harm than good.

For instance, you should load a self-defense gun with a soft point or hollow ammunition to prevent over-penetration. Using a full metal jacket, ammunition may penetrate through the target and get to others in the surrounding area.

Take your time to learn and understand the impact of using different bullet types and when to refrain from their use. You may get the information online or head to an expert for detailed explanations.

9. Overlooking the Importance of Carrying the Firearm Correctly

How you carry your firearm is as important as how you use it—the main reason for investing in a gun is self-defense. You, therefore, should take it seriously and remember that the foundation of protecting yourself is the mindset.

In self-defense, you don’t have to walk around with the gun in your hand and fingers inside the trigger guard. Always keep the safety on and only change it when you need to fire.

If you are hunting in the woods, you may choose trail carry or cradle carry. You may also carry the gun on your shoulder, elbow or two-hands

Check online resources and watch videos on how to carry guns to avoid getting in trouble or putting yourself at risk of an accidental shooting.

10. Ignoring Gun Law

Besides safety training, it is critical to learn and understand gun laws in your state or locality. This saves you from getting in trouble with the authorities for firearm misuse or failure to follow legal requirements.

Check all the necessary permits and acquire them before obtaining the gun. Failure to do so could result in hefty fines and license cancellation.

Avoid Common Gun Owner Mistakes

You are bound to make small mistakes when you purchase a firearm for the first time. But if you avoid the above common gun owner mistakes, you save yourself from harming yourself, others and compromising the firearm’s functionality.

Keep reading our articles for more tips and guides.

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