Innovative Marketing Strategies
Innovative Marketing Strategies

If you want to succeed in 2021 as a business, you need innovative marketing. No more blending in with the crowd. Today, you’re going to learn ten innovative strategies that will help you to stand out!

1. Influencer Marketing

Consumers are bored of hearing companies shouting about their own services, so let an influencer advertise your products instead. As well as trusting the opinions of influencers, consumers no longer care that content is sponsored.

2. Email Marketing

While some businesses avoid it, it’s time to return to email marketing. With GDPR and other privacy regulations, people now pay more attention to their inboxes (it’s not cluttered with spam). As long as customers provide their email address, this means that they’re happy to receive emails from you.

3. Chatbots

While not a direct marketing technique, chatbots will generate sales (and while you’re in bed too). Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, your customers get answers to their questions even while on a 1am shopping spree with nobody in the office.

4. Guerilla Marketing

Named after the war tactic, guerrilla marketing is all about taking consumers by surprise. While jumping out at them outside their front door is a terrible idea, you can create a pop-up shop or take more risks with your online ads. Don’t go overboard and you might just generate more sales this year.

5. User-Generated Content

As mentioned earlier, consumers don’t listen to brands that constantly talk about themselves. Therefore, another way around this is to get other consumers talking instead. Encourage people to post with your products on social media, use brand-specific hashtags, and get customers to send videos in for your website.

6. Host Virtual Events

Even as the pandemic slows, some people are still concerned about leaving their homes. Why not accommodate these people with virtual events? Consider product reveals, charity nights, and other events that people can attend from the comfort of their own homes.

7. Add Value to the Market

Here’s a novel idea – try to add value to your customers rather than just using them for income. Too many businesses have their eyes on the prize too much. If you can answer questions and become a valuable member of the community, you’re more likely to have an impact on consumers. In turn, this indirectly leads to more traffic and sales.

If you want to become a member of the community, Reddit and Facebook are two brilliant platforms to get started because you can utilize subreddits and Facebook Groups.

8. Use a Digital Marketing Agency

Why not outsource some of your marketing tasks and relieve the pressure on your team? Every day, the marketing team needs to monitor ad campaigns, send emails, write content, create videos, engage with the community, and so much more. Therefore, they would see help as a blessing rather than a curse. King Kong is a leader in its field and helps many businesses (of all sizes) each year.

9. Claim Your Google My Business Profile

If you haven’t yet claimed your Google My Business profile, consumers will stumble across your competitors rather than your service when browsing the web. By claiming your profile, people are more likely to discover your brand while also learning contact details and other important information.

10. Use AR

Finally, another innovative strategy is to use AR. If you sell household items, for example, allow customers to use their cameras to virtually place these items around their homes. Not only does this engage customers, but it also increases the likelihood of making sales.

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