There is no substitute for quality primary education to build a nation as well educated. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the leader of a war-torn independent state, felt the need for primary education. Bangabandhu announced the policy of nationalization on 26 March 1972. He called for a people-oriented, universal, non-discriminatory, unpaid and compulsory education system as enshrined in the 1972 constitution. He mentioned that it is needed more at primary and secondary level.

Bangabandhu believed that nation building was never possible without proper education. Bangabandhu had a genuine love and respect for education and teachers. At a time when the country’s economic situation was fragile, he made a landmark decision by nationalizing the jobs of thousands of primary school teachers. He believed in his heart that good education was the first thing needed to make the nation well-organized. He even had a keen eye to ensure that there was no inequality in the education system. His contribution in the field of education is everlasting.

But 50 years after independence, Bangabandhu’s party has been in power for almost a decade but at an important level like government primary school, undergraduate and postgraduate teachers have been given the status of third class in 13th grade. Primary teachers are the victims of an extreme grade-discrimination. The 10th grade of primary assistant teachers is not just a demand, it is a fair right. Why just right, I’m just shedding a little light on it. Eligibility for recruitment of Primary Assistant Teachers, Graduate Equivalent (2nd Division) Salary Grade 13th. Besides, the qualification for the appointment of high school assistant teachers is equivalent to graduation, salary grade 10th. Qualification for appointment of Sub-Inspector of Police is Bachelor or equivalent, Salary Grade 10th. Eligibility for recruitment of Hospital Nurses BSc in Nursing, Salary Grade 10th. Eligibility for appointment of Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer 4 year term Agricultural Diploma, Salary Grade 10th. Eligibility for appointment of Union Parishad Secretary is Graduate,

In addition, the recruitment notice was recently published by the PSSC. The qualification for appointment as a teacher in the examination school is one and a half year diploma in education (DPED) with graduation (second class), salary grade 10th. In this situation, 10th grade of assistant teachers in government primary school graduation qualification is not a demand, it is our fair right. It is now imperative to determine the salary grade of the assistant teachers on the basis of fairness by reviewing the grades being paid to the graduates of other departments and the submission to the DG and Secretary of the Department of Primary Education.

From now on, no child below the age of six can be admitted in the first class. To be admitted in the first class in government school from 2022 academic year, the age of the student has to be more than six years.

This age has been fixed by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education under the guidance of the Ministry of Education in the light of National Education Policy 2010. This has been informed in the revised notification of admission in government schools last Thursday .

Earlier , it was informed in another notification that the application for admission in different classes in government and private secondary schools all over the country including Dhaka will start from 11 am on November 25. Will continue until 5 pm on December 6. No admission form will be distributed from the school again. Admission application can be found online only on this website . Students will be selected for admission in government secondary schools through online lottery on December 15. Students will be selected for admission in private secondary schools through online lottery on December 19.

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