[FITNESS] This Foods Will Help You Gain Muscle Mass

◼️ Combine these foods with your exercise routine and you will increase your body mass.

Your goal is clear: increase your muscle mass. To achieve this, not only do you need to invest time in a weight-based training program, you must also have a proper diet, as it is the key to obtaining the results you are looking for and not demotivating yourself. Check this list of key foods that will help you:

1. Eat protein!

Always remember to add a portion of protein to all your meals. According to an article published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the ideal is to eat 1.5 to 2 grams per kilo of weight per day. Some delicious options are chicken, tuna, red meat and turkey ham.

2. Say yes to carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are essential to fill you with energy and perform more intense and demanding workouts. These can be found in vegetables with starch such as potatoes, beans, lentils and in foods such as rice, pasta and wholemeal bread.

3. Some fats are also good

Consuming unsaturated fats, such as olive oil, avocado or olives, is necessary to produce thermogenesis and metabolize adipose tissue. In addition, they help keep your joints “lubricated” and in good shape to train better and with a lower risk of injury.

4. Don’t forget your vegetables

Not only are they low in calories, vegetables also provide a large amount of nutrients necessary for your body including fiber, vitamins and minerals. Make sure you consume at least 250 grams of vegetables daily to strengthen your immune system, improve absorption and stabilize your energy levels, key factors to accelerate the recovery process and muscle growth.


It’s important that you see your nutrition as a combination of benefits that will grow your muscles and keep your body in the best conditions to achieve your fitness goals.

Stick as much as you can to your nutritional plan, even outside the home with balanced options offered by these key foods like Subway®, where you can build your sub with the proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates and good fats that you love so much.

Now that you know what to eat to show perfect biceps, don’t forget to keep well hydrated and get enough rest.

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