[NBA] Brad Stevens, On Gordon Hayward: “He’s Not Going To Play This Season”

Gordon Hayward was seriously injured in the first game of the season against Cleveland and everything seemed to indicate that his return would not be possible before the summer. However, social networks have been showing us different videos that showed progress in his recovery and that made us believe on the possibility of a debut sooner than expected.


Brad Stevens didn’t want to feed more to this type of rumors and clearly gave his opinion about it, something he hadn’t done so far. “He will not play this season. I don’t know what else to say”, said the technician.

On Friday, Hayward posted a message with a video and added: “Patience. One Goal”. Both Stevens and Danny Ainge have realized their progress in recent times but are still not ready to get back to normal and put all the weight of his body on the injured ankle.

Both the player and the team have not completely closed the door to a possible return this season and Stevens argued that he was not going to put limits on his recovery. However, these statements seem to make quite clear the point at which Hayward is.


The Celtics coach also gave his opinion about circulating images and videos of his progress: “I think that’s great. Many times when you are in the middle of a long recovery you don’t see the progress of the day to day, and now we can see the videos and the images and see that he’s really improving “.

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