[NBA] Isaiah Talks About His Transfer: “The Cavs Went Into Panic Mode”

◼️ In advance of an interview with ESPN, the base said he would like to “continue playing as a Laker for a long time.”

Isaiah Thomas left Cleveland on February 8. The call to exercise of second sword hardly had disputed 15 parties with a equipment in which it landed at the end of the past August like currency in the transfer of Kyrie Irving to the Celtics. An exit produced just five months before a free agency in which he expects to sign a maximum contract that, concluded last season, nobody discussed but now seems to be complicated. Bad timing for the base since his recent hip injury has been added a summer 2018 in which a rain of millions is not expected as in the previous two.
Regardless of what happens in free agency, Isaiah has analyzed his departure from the Cavs in an interview for the program E: 60 of ESPN that will be broadcast on March 11. “I didn’t imagine they would pull the trigger so fast, with only 15 games played, but once again, this is a business, they went into panic, we were losing a lot of games and in the franchise they felt they needed to make decisions”, he explains. twice all star in a preview of it.
“People don’t realize that there were eight or nine new players on the team, basically we were a new team that I arrived at after seven months of standing in. Individually I needed to get my rhythm back in. It just didn’t work. “, summarizes in this respect a franchise that in the weeks prior to the movements of hours before the closing of the market entered into a sports and institutional crisis that put in check its decisive section of the course.
Los Angeles Lakers
Thomas is now part of the Lakers, his childhood team. “I just want to help a young team that has already defined a game system, I hope I can stay here for the long term, but if it’s not the case, I will use these 25 games to play with all my heart and show the Lakers why I should play here a long time”, he says.


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