Guardiola: “It’s Not Good To Be Compared With Barcelona”

◼️ The coach of Manchester City is reluctant to find a similarity to his current team with the Catalan team, which “dominated the last decade.”

Manchester City must earn the right to be compared with Barcelona and other greats in Europe, according to his coach, Pep Guardiola. The English team, which prevailed in the first leg of the Champions League against Basel 4 to 0, will play the return match with the idea that it already has one foot in the quarterfinals. But the Catalan coach doesn’t relax.

When asked if his team was on the same level as Barça, he replied: “No, they are completely different players, there are players who have won a lot in the past, but many are new here. Now we can say that we won a title together, but It’s not good to be compared with that team”. He added: “That team dominated the last decade, 15 or 20 years with different coaches and players, winning many things.”

About his vision of what City needs to get into that discussion, Pep said: “We have to be there for a long time, a long time means many, many years, in this season we only have one title, that’s all”, he commented.

“Sometimes it’s not about how you play, the Champions League is completely different.” Madrid, before the first game against PSG, people said: “the team doesn’t play well, PSG will win …”, analyzed Guardiola. And then he completed: “They won 3 to 1, because they are Real Madrid, winning 12 times the Champions League is a lot”.

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