[UCL] PSG And The Comeback: Here Are The Teams That Have Done It Before

◼️ Only 33% of teams with that score differential in a first leg of the Champions League eliminations went on to the next round. 

It won’t be easy. This could be a rather historic comeback. After the tough defeat in the first leg of the Champions League (3-1), PSG will need a miracle to defeat Real Madrid and advance to the quarterfinals. In fact, only 33% of the teams that lost by that difference in a first leg of qualifying went through to the next round.

Out of the 12 matches that ended with the same score (1-3), only four of them turned in favor of the teams that needed the comeback: 33%. The striking thing is that of the last four times this situation occurred, three were in favor of those with the score deficit.

The ones who made it? In 2000, FC Barcelona turned a brutal match against Chelsea after winning 5 to 1 at the Camp Nou. In 2012, the Blues got their glory after a historic comeback against Napoli, with a 4 to 1 score at San Paolo. In 2014, it was PSG itself that achieved the feat, with a 2-0 socre in Paris. And in 2015, Bayern Munich after losing 3-1 to Porto, had their revenge beating the Portuguese team 6-1 in Germany and advanced to the next round.

The list of those who didn’t achieve the comeback is much wider: Auxerre couldn’t do it against Borussia Dortmund (1997), Manchester United won 4 to 3 in the round but was out against Real Madrid (2003), Chelsea just tied the series 2- 2 against Monaco (2004), Arsenal only scored a goal for Bayern Munich (2005), Bayer Leverkusen lost by the same difference against Liverpool (2005), Bordeaux only scored 1 goal at Lyon (2010), Barcelona won 1 to 0 against Mourinho’s Inter, but it wasn’t enough (2010). Finally, Napoli didn’t hurt Real Madrid in the last season: they lost by the same score.

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