[UCL] PSG Far From Being An European Giant, Real Madrid Simply Walked Over Them.

◼️T he Paris squad played like a team that’s far from achieving their ultimate goal: to become an European champion.

We’ve seen Real Madrid play without Cristiano, we’ve seen FC Barcelona play without Messi and both of this teams prevailed. Now it was a chance for the PSG squad to show that they don’t need Neymar to win, that he’s just the cherry on top of cake. Well, he is not, and Real Madrid took advantage of that fact.

This was supposed to be the time for a new super team to emerge in Europe, Manchester City still needs a big rival to consolidate their success but Paris had their chance today, and they blew it, big time. There was a lack of commitment by the players, the coaches and the fans. If you think that’s an exaggeration, lets brake it down:

The Players: Once Real Madrid scored it was like it was over, they needed to tie the game and score two more … at home … in Paris! The place we all know they are almost undefeated, and today they fell hard to the all-time giant. Real Madrid is not having a good season, they are not going to win the league and they lost in the cup so now it’s your chance to pressure them and finally defeat them, but no, the players threw down the towel nearly 30 min before the game was over. Did they learn nothing from last year?

The Coaches: When you substitute two of your best weapons like Mbappe and Di Maria before the game is over that sends a very bad message to the rest of the team. Have you ever seen Cristiano or Messi being subbed when they are loosing?, of course not, and that is why you can’t expect a miracle, a game changer, a historic moment like other big teams, shame on you PSG you gave up too soon.

The Fans: One of the best moments of the Paris squad was interrupted by the fireworks and fire visual explosives used by the fans. A moment that could’ve changed the game and the momentum of the players was lost because of the 2 or 3 interruptions caused by the fans. It gives time for the Real Madrid players to regroup and reestablish a strategy to stop the attacks.

Here are the highlights:

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