Draxler: “We Spent 400 Million Euros And We Didn’t Even Got To The Quarterfinals”

◼️ The German player said he was surprised and bitter about the loss to Real Madrid, which left them out of the UEFA Champions League.

“Without impetus, without explosion …” The very critical words of the German Julian Draxler on the tactics of Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday against Real Madrid were widely reproduced in the media, which were interpreted as a direct attack on the coach Unai Emery .

“We deserve to be eliminated, this summer we spent 400 million euros and everyone said that this would change things, but we couldn’t even go through this round”

“You have to pressure Real Madrid when you have lost 3-1 in the first leg and not circulate the ball calmly waiting for the goal to arrive”, said the German striker, who entered as a substitution in the 76th minute, when the result was 1-1 and PSG played with 10.

“I think we had to put pressure on the opponent from the first whistle and we didn’t, so our elimination is well deserved”, he said in a statement on the “Welt.de” website, an article called: “Draxler attacks his coach.”

After the tie, with a zero – zero on the scoreboard, PSG had to score two goals to overcome the match. “At that moment I said to myself, maybe we have to push the accelerator and play to attack, but I don’t know what happened exactly, I’m surprised and bitter”, said the Mannschaft international.

“When we play a match like this, without impetus, without explosion, it is clear that we can’t beat Real Madrid”, he said.

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