[NBA] The LA Lakers Enter The Lebron James ‘Billboard War’

◼️ As it happened in Philadelphia with the Cavaliers visit, a fan of the LA franchise has decided to tempt the superstar with various messages around the city.

The NBA has a series of history and drama that make it very fun beyond the matches themselves. The last one is the ‘Billboard War’ unleashed with the purpose of taking over the love and affection of LeBron James. The Cleveland superstar can become a free agent without restrictions this summer and his suitors try to tempt him with tricks like the advertising messages with which Philadelphia attempted to get his attention prior to the duel between the Sixers and the Cavaliers at the end of February: “Complete the process” (completes the process, referring to the term that has defined the radical reconstruction that the Sixers are finishing), “Pilly wants LeBron” and, in the third, a field with a quintet formed by the dorsals 23, 25, 33, 9 and 21: LeBron (supposedly), Ben Simmons, Robert Covington, Dario Saric and Joel Embiid.

Cleveland was not far behind. Hours before that game, the hometown of the forward responded with a crown. The image speaks for itself:

Now, with the Cavs’ visit to the Clippers and Lakers this weekend, Jacob Emrani, a fan of the Luke Walton squad, bought several billboards to convince LeBron that the best thing for him is with the purple and gold uniform. “Forget the process, we win banners” and “Cleveland and Philly, you can not compete with LA”. Both messages were accompanied by the label #LABron.


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