[UCL]  Higuain And Dybala Guided Juventus To A Historic Triumph At Wembley

La Vecchia Signora was overtaken by Tottenham at Wembley, but the Argentines appeared in three minutes and sentenced the series in their favor.

Unthinkable It did not deserve it at all, but Juventus appealed to its figures, to the Argentineans, to advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala scored the goals at just moments and turned the game at Wembley 2-1, leaving Tottenham on the way, who had a valuable 2-2 draw in Turin.

The Spurs were very superior in the first half. They dominated the ball, the times of the match and the chances of goal. But that was the facet that would end up costing the homeowner, who missed great chances to open the scoring. Finally, the one who could open the account was the Korean Son Heung-Min, one of the figures of his team in that chapter.

In the complement, Juventus, forced to turn it around, seemed to go more to the attack. But this team of Allegri is no longer that of last season, when he was infallible in the defense and was creative in attack, with companies and quality players like Dani Alves (he went to PSG) and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (injured).

However, those still in the lead are Higuain and Dybala. Missing the whole game, the Argentines only needed a moment of lucidity to leave their mark: first the Pipa defined after a nice collective play and then it was “La Joya”, after a huge attendance of the Argentine 9, who defined before the exit of Lloris.

What did Juve have to do for the rest of the game? Defend. What he likes and knows best. And he did it and in what way. With Barzagli and Chiellini taking everything out, the Vecchia Signora endured it and ended up taking their ticket to the quarterfinals. Amazing.

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