[UCL] Higuaín-Kane, The Top Strikers In The Race For The Quarterfinals

◼️ The Englishman lives a wonderful season and will try to prove it in Wembley: in the head to head against the Argentine, he leads by 15 goals this season.

Wednesday’s clash between Tottenham and Juventus will have two of the best strikers in the world. One on each side: Harry Kane and Gonzalo Higuain will try to do what they do best to lead their team to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

In comparison so far this season, the English takes the advantage against the Argentine. In total, the Spurs attacker has played 37 games, and accumulated 34 goals. Meanwhile, Pipita played 35 games and was able to score 20 times. Both strikers, in addition, were involved in the many of their team’s goals: Kane gave 4 assists and Higuain, 3.

In the Champions League the series is also dominated by Kane, who is shown ahead thanks to his 7 goals in six games, against the 4 of the South American in seven presentations.

In his respective leagues, Kane is located with an extraordinary 24 goals in 28 games, while Higuain hit 14 in 24.

In the first match, in Turin, it was Pipita who hit twice and even wasted a penalty, while Tottenham converted the partial discount. Who will win today in this glorious UEFA Champions League clash?

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