“LeBron’s Arrival Is Discussed In The Lakers’ Locker Room”

◼️ Jordan Clarkson, who left L.A. franchise to play for the Cavs, recognizes that in his old team they are watching and talking about the future of LeBron.

Every week in the NBA is a week of rumors about the future of LeBron James so, therefore, this is one of those weeks: after his amazing exhibition in Denver, another one, and recognizing that his level of play is at historic highs, LeBron and the Cavs set course for Los Angeles. On Friday they play against the Clippers, and on Sunday against the Lakers.

Los Angeles: a franchise many have placed LeBron in, a great dream of the Lakers to recover sporting splendor and media relevance. The Hollywood industry in which LeBron has business, the great global market of the West Coast, the city where he already has two residences and where they say his wife wants to live … Anyway, with the Clippers (probably) out of the playoffs, the Lakers cross their fingers and stay close to everything that surrounds the future of the best player in the world.

Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance, traded in the closing market of the Lakers – Cavs deal and privileged witnesses of the whole LeBron case, if there is actually one: “There is talk in the locker room of what will happen, especially there . You don’t hear it in the offices or the coaches, but in the dressing room with talks about what can happen”,says Clarkson, who considered” crazy “the ‘billboard war’ between Sixers and Lakers to recruit what is now his teammate.

In Area 21 television, Kevin Garnett was allowed to give a different advice to LeBron James: “If I were him I would go to the Rockets.” In Los Angeles they don’t agree. Neither in Philadelphia, nor in San Antonio, nor in Cleveland of course …

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