The PSG Revolution Is Near: 8 Players & The GM Are In Danger Of Leaving The Club

◼️ ‘Le Parisien’ have eight players who could have their days numbered and think of Luis Enrique to take over the GM spot.

In France, they are already thinking about the changes that PSG has to face in the future. The Champions League was the objective and the pending account of a team that practically walks through their domestic competitions and that had the real challenge in Europe. A challenge in which they have succumbed to the first big rival in a season called to break the ceiling of the quarterfinals that the team of the Parc des Princes had been unable to overcome the previous four years.

Maybe it’s too soon to talk about new signings, in its edition of Thursday Le Parisien points out several players whose exit the PSG should consider before the new project. Starting from behind, the French newspaper points to Dani Alves, who they say that “its intensity is not enough to compensate for its technical influence” and consider it an obstacle to Meunier’s progression. Although they see his departure difficult because of his contract that ends in 2019 and, above all, by his affinity with Neymar. On the other side, the southpaw, pose a complete change to consider that Kurzawa and Yuri Berchiche are not reliable.

With Neymar and Mbappé as new icons of PSG, it could be the time to give out to those who were once some of the stars of the team. Cavani, Verratti, Di Maria and Pastore could receive a boost on their way out and at the same time contribute a good sum in the amount of transfer that PSG would do well to balance their accounts with the financial fair play. The last player of the staff appointed by Le Parisien is Rabiot, highly valued and whom they see as potential captain, but whose economic pretensions to prolong his contract beyond 2019 can hinder their continuity.

Player Age TM1 CIES1
Alves 34 6 4,8
Kurzawa 25 22 16,2
Yuri Berchiche 28 15 12,3
Rabiot 22 45 35,9
Cavani 31 60 88,9
Verratti 25 70 55,6
Di María 30 40 23,8
Pastore 28 18 5,1

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