[UEL] San Siro Is Not What It Used To Be, The Gunners Defeated AC Milan (0-2)

◼️ Who can save this historic team?, Gattuso is a legend in this club but not even him can make them play the way fans are used to or even deserve.

AC Milan, a young unexperienced team that supposedly rebuilt their entire squad in order to win the national league and compete in the European tournaments. We have not seen any of that. Money can buy good players but it can’t buy you titles, those have to be won with effort, passion and most importantly the desire.

Today we saw a team of players that didn’t know how to play against a “big” team, Arsenal just like Real Madrid two days ago and Juventus yesterday won their match by playing with experience in this kinds of tournaments. One expects Gattuso to be able to transmit that type of commitment required in the field but apparently the players didn’t get the memo.

Wenger’s squad defended their goal and attacked with speed, something AC Milan couldn’t stop. They converted on their chances while the Italian team just kept pushing with no results. That’s the difference, not missing key chances and knowing when to attack. That’s how you win in this elimination tournaments and that’s how Arsenal did it.

Here are the game highlights:

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