[FITNESS] You Will Not Do A Single Crunch With This Core Routine

◼️ The ‘Tabata’ training, by trainer Andy Speer, involves each and every one of the abdomen muscles.

When it comes to core training, often the simpler the better. Andy Speer, trainer and creator of Men’s Health’s Anarchy Abs workout, has a routine for the core that guarantees to involve all the muscles of that part of your body.

Instead of exercises such as crunches or abdominals, which mostly work the core by contracting and stretching the abdominal muscles while lying down, exercises such as the iron and the hollow hold, train the stability of the core. This means that you must adopt and maintain a contraction and good spinal alignment, often while there are forces opposing this.

These stability exercises train the transverse abdominal muscles, which are deep in your core and help with posture and your back health.

This is a Tabata training, which was named after the Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata, who discovered that high-intensity interval training in which 20 seconds are worked and 10 are resting improved “simultaneously the aerobic and anaerobic systems”.


Perform the exercises in the indicated order: 20 seconds of work with a 10 second rest.

1. Push-ups, as many as you can (20s)

2. Rest (10s)

3. Hollow Holds (20s)

Lie on the floor with your arms stretched over your head. Tighten the abdomen and raise legs and arms off the floor. Keep the position.

This is a series, make three to five.


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