The Houston Rockets Will NOT Win The NBA Championship This Year

◼️ Yes, that’s right, the best team in the NBA will fail to get a ring this year and here’s why…

We’ve all heard the story, the Houston Rockets have only lost one game when Harden, CP3 and Capela play together, they are in a 16 winning streak (so far). That’s very impressive and Harden is giving the performance of his life this season, undoubtedly he will win the MVP. But even so, they will not hold a trophy this year.

 It all comes down to one word: clutch. This team is not clutch and we have evidence of it last year against the San Antonio Spurs. Can’t remember?; Let me refresh your memory:

We had the same hype last year, maybe Harden and the Rockets defeat the Warriors, maybe they can go all the way!. Well we know they couldn’t even defeat a team that was swept by the Warriors (despite the Kawhi controversy). You may say this year, but hey they have CP3 now, and I will implore you to think about all the clutch plays by Chris, it’s hard right?. That’s because in the Clippers he didn’t do much, he lost the important games and he couldn’t lead his super team (3 All-Stars) to a decent playoff run.

Capela is too inexperienced and he will not have the decisive shot at the end of an important match, he’s an excellent complement to the team but that’s it. Eric Gordon is not a consistent player, and by that I mean that one night he can have an extraordinary game and the next one he balls worst than a freshman in college. And don’t even get me started with Ariza, talking about inconsistent players.

All of this comes down to the key matchups in the Western Conference, the Warriors, OKC and the San Antonio Spurs. To defeat this 3 teams you need consistency and clutch players. The Rockets will need a lot of luck, I will agree that their defensive game has improved a lot over the last few games but that’s not enough to defeat the Warriors. There is a high probability that a lot of games will come down to the wire and until now we haven’t seen this team perform in clutch playoff moments.

I hope the Rockets prove me wrong but there’s no evidence that suggests otherwise, they had an excellent campaign last year and still the Rockets can’t give the Playoff leap they need to start a dynasty. Remember that incredible team they had with T-Mac and Yao Ming?; Same story, couldn’t perform in the playoffs because the regular season is a very different ball game compared to the playoffs. Championship teams and superstars play differently in this games, not like in the regular season, better and it’s necessary to have a high basketball IQ over basic athletic skills to come out victorious.

The San Antonio Spurs have the highest IQ coach in the league (Popovich), making all of their players a threat. The Warriors have the best overall team in the league with clutch players, high IQ coaches and athletes as well as a consistent roster (maybe not Swaggy P). OKC has three clutch players, they are the most explosive team and if you add Steven Adams to all of this, they are dangerous. But the Rockets need to prove they are a Playoff team, we know they can play in the regular season, they’ve been doing that for a while, but now it’s time to put on the big boy pants and play like a championship team and not a #1 seed team.

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