LeBron Wants To Play Until He’s 40: Can He Surpass Kareem?

◼️ And could he match up in the NBA against his son LeBron Jr.? If it’s true that you intend to extend your career so much, fascinating possibilities open up.

LeBron James wants to play the 82 games of this Regular Season, the fifteenth season for him (in 2008-09 he played 81). He just said, after his colossal endgame in Denver, that he is playing better than ever. And with his future in the air, the NBA doesn’t stop doing accounts and scrutinize the grounds of tea to know what a player who can still change the NBA map will do if he puts on a new shirt on his way to 34 . Already in the club of 30,000 points (he is the seventh member and goes for the sixth place of Nowitzki, which also continues to advance but at a slower pace), there is no doubt that he is one of the best players in history. The question is whether he will retire in the top-3, where he probably already is … or as the best. A challenge obviously huge but that is within your reach, although finally it will always be a subjective matter.

Yesterday Ramona Shelburne published an article on ESPN (highly recommended, as always) taking advantage of the arrival of LeBron to Los Angeles, where rumors smoke while the Lakers make room for two super stars. According to Ramona, basically, LeBron is neither far nor near anywhere because he is focused on fully coping with the 2018 playoffs, where he will look for his eighth consecutive NBA Finals. Then we will see. And he himself has denied that he has a list reduced to four teams (Cavs and Sixers in the East, Rockets and Lakers in the West) although he has acknowledged that the posters recruiting him are a pride at his age and a fun affair for his children. The article also says that LeBron, in the mouths of his closest circle, wants to play until he is 40 years old. Remember: he turned 33 in December and debuted in the NBA when he was 18 (and 303 days) since he didn’t go through college.

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