LeBron On The Lakers Growth: “It’s Like What They Did In Golden State …”

◼️ The Cavaliers superstar compares the work of Luke Walton in L.A. to what he did in his years as Steve Kerr’s assistant.

The Lakers-Cavaliers of the Staples Center, couldn’t be better, with a lot to tell and much to analyze … and much more to throw into the puddle of rumors and assumptions. The Lakers won and the Cavs lost, some up and the others far from the transfer storm that preceded the transfer market closing.

But the issue that gave a particular rank to the game was the presence of LeBron James on the courts of a Lakers team who want to take him for next season. The audience received him with a standing ovation and nobody in the player’s environment denies that the LA franchise is an option for his next jersey. In the same way that no one has reliable clues that they are ahead of any other candidate. At least they are a candidate, and that is something for an institution that during the last years has been losing the uniqueness that made them unique.

In sports, the Lakers always want more, they have reached 30 wins for the first time in five years and are teaching a very promising lot of young talents with Luke Walton as their coach, who stopped working with Steve Kerr in the Warriors to modernize Bay style to a Lakers team anchored in the past with Byron Scott. The ‘Strenght In Numbers’ spirit that doesn’t even resonate in Oakland anymore, LeBron recognizes in the young Lakers: “Since Walton came they have been improving: the movement of the ball, the mechanisms of the players on the court … it’s like what they did in Golden State. “

The Lakers won 17 games when Luke Walton landed, after the Warriors’ 73-9 season, in which he served as head coach during the triumphant start for Steve Kerr’s back problems: 39-4 with him after winning the first 24 games. In his first season in L.A. the Lakers won 9 more games (26) and are now at 30 with a 7-2 from the All Star Weekend despite the Ingram and Hart injuries. On Friday, before playing against the Clippers (another defeat), LeBron refused to talk about his future but acknowledged that it was logical that there were rumors about the Lakers: “As they have salary space …”.

Here are yesterday’s highlights:

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