3 Reasons Why Lebron James & The Cavaliers Will Fail To Reach The NBA Finals

◼️ Over the last three years we’ve seen a rivalry be born. The Warriors and the Cavs have played in three straight finals and it’s been very exciting for fans all over the world. But this year things look a bit differently.

Lebron James and the Cavaliers tried to regroup last year after losing to the Warriors in just 5 games of the NBA Finals. But things didn’t go according to plan. They sold one of their must valuable assets (Kyrie) in exchange for an injured player with no defense (I.T.) and also made some acquirements that excited the Ohio fans like Derrick Rose, D-Wade, Crowder and to everyone’s surprise they just didn’t work.

Now everyone fears for Cleveland, fans want to see a fourth and definitive final between this two super teams. But that seems unlikely given the circumstances Cleveland deals with right now. So you don’t trust in Lebron?; He is one of the best players in NBA history and he’s playing to reach his 8th straight NBA Final which is insane, but not even him is enough to stop this train crash. Here are 3 reasons why the Cavs won’t make it to the finals:

1) Kevin Love

Kevin is one of the main reasons why this team stays consistent through out the regular season and why in the past LBJ and Kyrie could afford bad games and still win. He’s a player that can score 30 pts quietly or 15 rebounds and no one notices it. That’s the magic that Kevin Love brings to this team. But with his injury in play, he will not be ready for the playoffs, he has been out of the courts for too long and when (if) he returns, he will be playing with a totally new team given that they changed the roster mid-season. So no matter how good of a player you are, you need time to adjust your body to the game (especially to the intensity of the playoffs) and you need to learn how to play with your new teammates. That will not happen for the Cavaliers and they don’t have the luxury of losing a couple of games so they can adjust their system.

2) The Eastern Conference

In the last couple of years the Eastern Conference has been deemed as week and not as good as the Western Conference. That’s still the case today but with one little difference, you have three good teams now instead of one. The Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards have a very good chance of coming out champions of the Eastern Conference. This teams have All-Stars, new hungry talent and a thirst for championship that the Cavs share but not at the same level (as you saw during the regular season). The Cavs played the Raptors Jan 11 with a final score: Toronto 133, Cleveland 99. They still have two games before the end of the season so we’ll see. The Cavs have a winning record against the Celtics and the Wizards (2-1) but still the feeling is that the Cavs can’t hold a 7-game series against this teams, specially with the new injuries (Hood).

3) The New Cavs

This team hasn’t been playing together for long. There are a lot of new young faces surrounding a super star called Lebron James. Larry Nance Jr has been key this last few games but there’s a flaw in his game that you can see from a mile away: experience. He lacks a lot of it, and he will be a very important player in this team due to other injuries and the need to fill that gap. I don’t see Nance Jr. stopping Al Horford  or Serge Ibaka in a game that needs a skilled experienced big men like the ones mentioned before. Jordan Clarkson is like someone skating at full speed without knowing how to break. So when things get tough, who can make the decisive shot?; We know you are thinking of Lebron but lets recap, last year in a game with the clock winding down the ball was not in the hands of LBJ, it was in the hands of Kyrie because he could make the clutch decisions better. Are you going to have the same trust in Korver?. I don’t think so. This team needs someone to open up the floor and let Lebron run wild, when teams play against the Cavs now, they know Lebron is going to have the ball in tough moments, the buzzer beaters, the important shots. He’s 33 years old, how much of a pounding can he sustain?; With no help in clutch moments and the inexperienced playoff roster, things don’t look so good for the Cavs.



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