Wolfson: Wiggins, Dissatisfied With His Position In The Timberwolves

◼️ The journalist Darren Wolfson assures that Andrew Wiggins has communicated to his companions his disagreement to be the 3rd option in the attack of Minnesota.

Andrew Wiggins seems to be dissatisfied with his position at the Minnesota Timberwolves. That’s what Darren Wolfson, one of the journalists who closely follows the news of the Minneapolis franchise, says.

According to the information, Wiggins has informed some of his comrades of his discontent for being the third option of the team in attack after Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Jeff Teague, another of the headlines, endorses it with these words: “I told him to stop conforming, he’s one of the best athletes the NBA has.”

His coach, Tom Thibodeau, blesses him despite the criticism: “He is in it and he knows it, since the All-Star break he has played most of the time very well, I want more aggressiveness from him, that means going more towards the basket. : when he gets down there, it’s almost impossible to stop him. “


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