[FITNESS] This Is How Michael B. Jordan Got Ripped For ‘Black Panther’ – Workout And Diet

◼️ Celebrity coach Corey Calliet revealed the villain’s secrets to getting those muscles.

Sure you saw Black Panther at the movies and we’re sure you didn’t expect to see a villain, played by Michael B. Jordan, of that size.

We know what you are thinking and yes, Jordan was already very big since his participation in Creed, in 2015. But, according to celebrity coach Corey Calliet, who has been working with Jordan since the remake of the Fantastic Four of 2015, the actor got in much better shape to play Erik Killmonger.


“The word that’s recorded in my mind is ‘wild'”, he told Men’s Health about his work for the Black Panther. “When you see it, you must feel fear, you must be intimidated. We didn’t need the young and kind Michael. “

Calliet describes his work as artistic.

“I’m talking about sculpting a body, not just conditioning it to be fast”, he said. “He wanted his shoulders to look better … he needed his chest to stand out. Let his back tell a story. “


For Calliet’s vision to come alive, Jordan trained two or three times and ate up to six times a day. To sculpt chest and back, Calliet made the actor return to the basics, with a lot of weight.

“We did a lot of old-school exercises like chest press, back pulls, dead weights, nothing fancy, just a lot of muscle contractions,” Calliet said. “We carry a lot of weight, many, many times.”

The first time they both worked together, Jordan “could barely lift 25 pounds”, recalls Calliet. “By the time they were filming Black Panther, I was already carrying the 115-pound dumbbells.” A couple of times, the actor charged up to 315 pounds in total.


Throughout the process, Calliet got Jordan up to 194 pounds and then lowered his weight to 182 pounds.

So, what does a man have to do to have Killmonger’s muscles? According to Calliet, endure a lot of pain.

“Make sure you have an adequate diet, as well as going to the gym and training, so you go to the gym and really take advantage of the time, not just sitting around and updating your social networks, presuming that you’re training”, he says.

“Go to the gym and get ready to suffer”, adds Calliet. “When you think of Killmonger, think of ‘massiveness’. Both words must go together.”


Calliet, who has already seen Black Panther four times, says that the moment he feels most proud of is during the scene in which Jordan and Chadwick Boseman, who plays T’Challa, fights.

“When you see him take off his shirt and see his body, you can only think about how different it looks”, he adds.

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