Isaiah Thomas: “I’m Not A Sixth Man”

Coming from the bench in Los Angeles Lakers, but that’s it. Isaiah Thomas has taken his current situation in California with calm, that makes him understand that after losing many games due to injury and having been traded by Cleveland shortly after returning, it’s time to finish the course in the best way possible without entering personal demands.

That is the present, but once the current campaign is over, it’s clear that its status doesn’t correspond to helping a team from the bench, but to be a holder on which a large part of the responsibility of a franchise falls. This is how he feels and expresses it to USA Today.

“I am not a sixth man and I will not be. I want everyone to know and make it as clear as possible. I am a two-time All-Star and a starter who has done things in this league that other people have not been able to do despite having the opportunity. But they sent me to a situation that I can’t control. I have no problem with Luke Walton or the Lakers. I’m taking advantage of the opportunity and will finish the season strong. It’s all I can do. I’m not going to demand this or that because that’s not me. I will always be more than ready for when they call me.”

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