Luke Walton, Delighted With The Randle-Thomas Discussion

The Los Angeles Lakers want to form a champion team, and for that, great players are needed. However, not only basketball talent counts; it’s the passion to win, the one that stars such as Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant had before, the one that ends up differentiating aspiring winners.

With that idea in mind Luke Walton answered when asked about the discussion between Isaiah Thomas and Julius Randle during the match against Warriors. Far from showing anger at having two of his players in verbal dispute, he feels satisfied to see in them the desire to win.

“I didn’t see what it was about, but I like it. I’ve told them, I love it when both of you have an open mind and resolve what they are discussing. We’ve been trying to get the kids talking on defense all year, and that’s what happens with a heated conversation, it means that both of them are passionate and that it will be transferred to our team”, he told ESPN.

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