[NBA] Bogdan Bogdanovic Takes The Kings Crown

Bogdan Bogdanovic is the future of Sacramento Kings. With capital letters. If we speak of the purest etymological side of the term aglosajón ‘franchise-player’, he is it. This means placing the first stone, which is he, and then to build. And you can talk about it with only a few months in the Californian city, so is the sudden desperation to find references that are being forced on the purple team.

The Kings have been a team without order or structure for many years now. Even the change of city has been thought, given that the franchise was flexible in the face of drastic changes. Now, with the Indian Vivek Ranadivé in charge, there is a more defined structure but no less chaotic or more likely to work. A new pavilion, a new appearance, a new time. But the same mistakes. If the Timberwolves arrive – as it is supposed – to the playoffs of this season will break a drought (the longest in the NBA) of 14 years without doing so and will leave the brown Kings who will accumulate in this their 12th season without reaching the postseason.

But the hope of the franchise lays in their young players. They are betting everything in the talent that they draw from the Draft, as is logical. And, as support, have signed a series of veterans as Zach Randolph or Vince Carter of which those of a younger age can learn almost everything. Precisely with Carter was fascinated: “Debuting with a mate without me being a killer player and having replaced Vince Carter in that game was the best”. But you never know who is going to hit the key of the adaptation, and one who points to the Serbian as one that helped him a lot to acclimatize is George Hill (although he did not want to be on the team and ultimately came out pierced ): “I didn’t have to ask him, he told me everything with his eyes and with words he could understand. I learned a lot from him”, he says. Bogdanovic tells that he has learned English playing videogames and listening to music of different genres, although he acquired fluency playing in Turkey.

The plan with him is clear, it’s well thrown, it would work on paper … but the moment of the superstar explosion has not arrived nor is it expected (yet).

However, everything comes down to Bogdan Bogdanovic. He’s becoming, seed by seed, point by point, in the face of the Sacramento franchise. A young European who already shines in their first year, who leaves flashes of talent and photographs for history. Where have you seen that before? The comparison is in the franchise itself.

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