The Two Minutes In Which Messi Has Never Scored

◼️ There are two moments in which the crack of Barcelona and Argentina still hasn’t been able to celebrate; against Chelsea he scored the fastest goal of his career.

It took only 128 seconds to put Barcelona ahead, making Thibaut Courtos the fastest goal of his career. Three times has Lionel Messi scored in the 3rd minute of a game (in 2016 to Celtic, in 2014 to Nigeria and in 2010 to Racing Santander), but he had never done so soon.

In that sense, and almost as if it were a game, a question can be asked. Is there a minute in which Messi has not yet scored a goal? The answer is yes. The crack rosarino accumulates more than 600 targets as a professional, but none of them signed in the minute 1 or 2 of the match, according to Opta data.

And thats if you take into account the official matches he played with Barcelona and the Argentine team. Because if you don’t count as many achieved as international albiceleste, would have to add another two minutes: 6 and 32.

A Messi, who intends to win the League, Cup, Champions and World Cup in Russia in the current season, now you can add two other challenges. Minors, but challenges in the end. He still has time …

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