CONFIRMED: FIFA Approved The ‘VAR’ For The 2018 World Cup In Russia

◼️ Video arbitration will debut at the next World Cup after being approved this Friday at a meeting in Bogota.

FIFA approved the use of the VAR in Russia 2018 during a meeting of the organization’s council held this Friday in Bogota, Colombia. After so many controversies, video arbitration will debut in a World Cup.

Earlier this week, the VAR won official approval from the Board of the International Football Association (IFAB), the football regulatory body, at its annual general meeting in Zurich. Finally, the FIFA Council met on Friday in Colombia, where President Gianni Infantino confirmed that the decision to use the controversial technology had been made.

“We also talk about football, we are going to have our first World Cup in 2018 with the assistant video refereeing system”, said Infantino at a press conference. “This has been adopted and approved, and obviously we are very happy with that decision, a decision based on tests carried out in over a thousand matches gives us guarantees that the VAR definitely helps the referees, it will help us to have one more sport. fair and transparent”, he added.

The FIFA chief ruler then stressed that “The referee can make a mistake like any human being, if we can help him correct these mistakes, let’s do it. That is our position, we have full confidence in the chairman of our arbitration committee Pierluigi Collina and his team, extraordinary professionals who will prepare the referees for the World Cup. “

The VAR is already in use in the German Bundesliga and the Serie A in Italy, while it has been tested in the FA Cup and the EFL Cup in English football. FIFA also used the system in the Confederations Cup last year.

The technology is designed to help referees with key decisions, including goals, penalties, red cards and identity identification cases. However, there have been many criticisms of VAR, especially for the amount of time spent on referrals during games, while there have been complaints about confusion caused by coaches and fans.

LaLiga has already confirmed that the VAR will be used in Spain next season, but UEFA said it will not yet implement the system in the Champions League.

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