Isiah: “Kareem Is At The Top And LeBron’s Ahead Of Jordan”

◼️ The mythical base of the ‘Bad Boys’ opts, “right now”, for ‘The King’ over ‘Air Jordan’. Although for him, both of them are below the legendary pivot.

Isiah Thomas was one of the best players in the NBA of the 80s and early 90s. A time marked by the golden rivalry between the Celtics of Larry Bird and the Lakers of Magic Johnson which happened to take off from the Bulls that spun separate threepeats in the 90s. In between, the Pistons of Isiah and company (the original Bad Boys) left their seal in the form of two rings. A legend whose complicated character left him out of the Dream Team of Barcelona 1992 for the veto of other stars of that unforgettable team. Someone who was an exceptional witness and part of an era that propelled the NBA to be the global competition today is. Someone with, of course, knowledge of the cause and whose opinion should be taken into account.

In a cut published on the NBA TV Twitter account, Isiah talks about a subject that has become a current NBA classic. Is it legitimate to compare LeBron James with Michael Jordan? If so, how high is the King in relation to Air Jordan?. For Thomas, “right now” the successor has dethroned the teacher. “If I have to choose one, right now I would stay with LeBron James ahead of Michael Jordan, Jordan would kill you by scoring, but this guy (LeBron) surpasses you in everything. He rebounds, assists, involves everyone … more corpulent, faster and stronger”, analyzes the old base. Obviously, there will be someone behind this analysis to see still latent the great rivalry that he had with MJ throughout his career. Two winning mentalities that never got along.

Regardless of conjecture, before getting wet in the debate LeBron-Jordan, Thomas wanted to make it clear that for him neither of them is at the top among the best ever. For him, this honor belongs to a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar that he also faced. “Kareem is at the top, there has not been such a player in the history of basketball, he had a formidable career: he lost one game in high school, another in college (actually two) and in the NBA, when he came, he won six championships, is the historical leader … Kareem is above the rest”, third.

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