[NBA] Kyrie Irving’s Knee Doesn’t Progress As Expected

Boston Celtics have injury scares all the time, and this is one of those difficult to digest. According to Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports, Kyrie Irving will seek a second medical opinion in the coming days – confirmed by Brad Stevens – to treat his left knee, which is not progressing as expected by the greens’ doctors.

The problems in the articulation of the base were known since preseason, but it hasn’t been until now when they have given the worst signs. Irving, who expected to rest some night after being able to play just 16 minutes against Indiana on March 11, begins to feel that the season is complicated at times; as well as to look for alternative ways to find the solution.

Irving admitted not being at his best, just after leaving the game against the Pacers, but he was equally confident that everything would be solved if he regulated his efforts. “I am not worried. Surely I have enough intelligence to know when I have to leave a game. I want to return when I am at my best level”, he said on March 12.

Now it doesn’t seem so simple. The winner of the 2016 ring has already three games resting when he was supposed to return on Sunday against New Orleans Pelicans. The situation has changed so much that what was a rest taken by own decision now becomes an indefinite loss.

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