The Lebron Billboard War Crosses The Pacific

◼️ It had to happen. After the billboards in Philadelphia and Los Angeles to recruit the super star, it’s now turn for New Zealand and the Philippines to make a bid.

LeBron James will take this summer the decision of where he will play. For that reason, Cleveland (their current home), Philadelphia and Los Angeles (Lakers version) have embarked on a battle of recruitment based on advertising posters in the streets. And although we all knew that they were not going to be unique, we didn’t expect the fight to cross the Pacific and arrive in Manila (Philippines) and Auckland (New Zealand).

First it was the Philippine capital that woke up with a billboard begging the King to leave the United States for the former Spanish colony. “Forget Philly, forget LA (Los Angeles), How ’bout #ManiLaBron”, reads the poster.


Then came the initiative of the New Zealand Breakers. The NBL team launched into the ring with the following message: “#LeBroNZ There’s a room for another big kiwi” (that’s the name of the inhabitants of the oceanic country). This one, was accompanied with a tweet: ” Keen for a change of scenery @KingJames?. Pls don’t #ComeToPhilly#ManiLaBron doesn’t need you, And you’ve been to #LAbron soooo many times. Come to #LeBroNZ and we’ll get the @RealStevenAdams to show you round 😃” The problem to convince LeBron is that he charges $30 million and the New Zealand League has a salary cap of $1 million …


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