Brazil, Croatia And Poland Also Presented Their New 2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

◼️ The World Cup feels and breathes ever closer, and so the National Teams of Brazil, Croatia and Poland presented the uniforms they will use in Russia 2018.

The cariocas are the ones who have delighted the eyes of world soccer, because they presented a uniform very similar to the one they used in 1970, when they won the title in Mexican territory, having as a main easter egg the vertical blue band at neck height.


In social networks and through a statement the Brazilian National Team explained that they sought to recover the yellow tone of that year, taking into account that it was the first tournament that was broadcast in color on television, marking a unique moment in the history of football.


For their second team the Brazilians will keep the tradition and it will be totally blue. In a brief explanation it was suggested that with it, they seek to refer to 1958, the year in which Brazil won its first world title and in which it officially adopted blue.


Not only did Brazil present its uniforms, the Croatia National Team announced the two jerseys in which they will maintain the classic style.

The first uniform respects the traditional colors and paintings that have distinguished the Croats. Luka Modriç was in charge of presenting this shirt and assured that it will be the one to remain in the memory of all Croatian fans, as it reflects the ambitions they have for the World Cup.


The person in charge of wearing the second uniform was Mario Mandzukiç and in the same one you can see the same paintings in two shades of blue but with a bigger color than in the previous designs, which makes it more visual and attractive when you are inside the field.


Pete Hoppins, creative director of Nike, company that made both kits, said that currently Croatia is one of the national teams that exhibits the better football and he wanted to reflect that on their shirts.

Poland is also premiering jersey with Robert Lewandowski, the one who wore the first uniform, dominated by the traditional white color with a diagonally strip to the center and alive in red at neck height.


The second kit is practically the same, it only changes to the red tone as the color that dominates it and it was the midfielder of Napoli, Piotr Zielinski who was in charge of showing it off.


Day by day the National Teams are declared ready to experience the excitement of the World Cup and on the next FIFA Date, they intend to use their new uniforms.

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