[NBA] Ginobili Takes For Granted That Kawhi “Will Not Return” This Season

◼️ Manu uncovers the belief that Leonard will not play this season. “It wouldn’t help if he comes back now”, he adds.

The Spurs must really start thinking about a season finale without Kawhi Leonard. This was expressed today by Manu Ginóbili, one of the veterans of the squad, before the media.

“At least we should think that he will not come back because that wouldn’t help us either, we fell into it a week ago and I think that you, the press, have opened our eyes to that issue. we are what we are, that with this team we must fight to enter the ‘playoffs’ without him “

Leonard’s injury remains one of the great unknowns of the season in the NBA. The whole preseason was lost due to a tendinopathy in the quadriceps, a loss that lasted during the first matches of the regular phase. He played nine games and relapsed from this injury for which he still can not play.

Gregg Popovich has been very pessimistic throughout the process with the recovery of the Spurs star. Like Ginobili, he has spoken. It stands out, nevertheless, from the information that says that soon the decision could be made to officially leave the player for the rest of the season: “Why should I do it?” Pop answers.

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After two weeks in which they were in real trouble for staying out of the playoffs, San Antonio is now back in those spots with 41-30, three away from the Nuggets and four of the Clippers (their rivals for entering the postseason from the Western Conference).

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