The 2018 FIFA World Cup Ball Will Be Taken Into Space

◼️ An expedition will leave this Wednesday from Kazakhstan with the ball and the Russian mascot 2018: it’s planned to arrive on Friday at the International Space Station.

The Telstar 18, the official ball of the Russian World Cup, will make a private excursion on Wednesday when it is taken to the International Space Station (ISS) through a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, which will depart from the Baikonur cosmodrome, based in Kazakhstan. According to the flight plan, the ship will arrive on Friday, March 23 at night.

The wolf Zabivaka, the official mascot of Russia 2018, will also travel with the expedition “We will take with us the ball that will be later taken to the field, probably, in the opening match”, commented the Russian Oleg Artemiev, a cosmonaut who will be part of the trip.

In addition, as confirmed by the same navigator, the ball is expected to return to Earth by Antón Shkaplerov, one of his colleagues, who has been on the ISS since last December.

In relation to the activity of the astronauts, they promised that they will be very attentive to the World Cup that will start next June 14th. “We’re not going to miss them, we’re going to watch the games, the US media will allow us to follow the tournament live, but if we don’t see a match in real time, we’ll see the recording later”, Artemiev said.

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