[NBA] Historical Record: San Antonio Spurs On Their 21st Consecutive Season With A Positive Balance

The Spurs got their fifth straight victory last night, this time against the Wizards (98-90), to make their way into the playoffs. The Spurs are sixth in the West with 42-30 and three wins ahead of the Nuggets, ninth in the conference.

In addition, last night, with its success over at the capital, the Spurs ensure something that at times it seemed they would stop achieving: a new season in positive balance. Those of Gregg Popovich were complicated things a few days ago, when they came to be out of the posts of playoffs with a 3-11 run. However, they managed to straighten the course and by beating the Wizards they mathematically claimed to finish the Regular League with a positive balance. That record of 42-30 means that even if San Antonio lost all the games that still lie ahead, things will stay at 42-40. Of course, it’s better not to beat around the bush, because although mathematics already ensures a new course with a positive balance, access to qualifying for the ring should demand more.

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