Piqué: “The Happiest Moment Of My Life Was Winning The World Cup With Spain.”

◼️ Piqué has answered in an extensive letter in ‘Theplayerstribune’ to his critics and has returned to vindicate his commitment with the Spanish Selection.

Piqué has published an extensive writing on ‘Theplayerstribune.com’ in which, in addition to revealing details of his relationship with Real Madrid players, among other issues, he has vindicated his commitment to the National Team.

His Involvement With Spain: “I can joke with my teammates, because they are my brothers in the national team, we can hate each other in our clubs, but we play for the same country, with the same dream and that makes me feel very proud. Little boy and I saw Luis Enrique bleed and stain his shirt in the 1994 World Cup, my dream was to play for the national team, I am extremely proud to wear the badge every four years in the World Cup. If you watch TV in Madrid, they will tell you a very different story about me They say that I am a traitor and that I want to destroy the country because I have shown my public support for the right of the Catalan people to vote in the referendum on independence “

The Independence Of Catalonia And The World Cup: “I have never said what I would vote for, I am not trying to be a politician and influence people, what I believe is irrelevant, I am just one more opinion among millions. (…) It is a difficult position for me, personally, because the happiest moment of my life was winning the World Cup with Spain, but on the other hand, being Catalan is in my blood, that’s my people, my heritage, my land, and when 80% People in Catalonia say they want the right to vote, I think they should be heard, if that opinion makes my own countrymen repudiate me … well, I’m calm with that thought. “

Last Reflection: “If you watch television in Madrid, the media will tell you that everyone in Barcelona is trying to destroy the country, if you see it in Barcelona, ​​they will tell you that everyone in Madrid is trying to oppress people. It’s the bad one, depending on where you see the TV, they say that the National Team is in crisis because of political differences, we’re almost never talking about politics, I’m too busy telling the Real guys that they’re being  ass… in the league , and they are too busy talking about arbitration conspiracies! (jokes) “.

Maturity: “I’ve been a footballer for more than half of my life, I’m 31 years old now and I thought I’d be retired with 30. Do you know what keeps me going? The experiences I’ve had in the locker room. like Messi, Puyol, Neymar or Roy Keane, football has made me grow from boy to man, which is what makes the sport so beautiful, at least for me.”

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