“Guardiola Stops Training 10 Minutes If You Lose The Ball”

◼️ Thierry Ambrose, a young player from Manchester City on loan to NAC Breda from the Netherlands, revealed details of the meticulous Spanish coach.

The young footballer of Manchester City, Thierry Ambrose, revealed some obsessions that Pep Guardiola has as a coach. Although he is now on loan to NAC Breda, he had a good time sharing with the Spanish coach and his demanding training method.

The arrival of Guardiola in 2016, however, revolutionized things. The astonished 20-year-old footballer is struck by the detail that is the former coach of Bayern Munich and Barcelona, ​​especially in regard to possession of the ball.

“With Pep, it’s possession and more possession, if you make a silly mistake, stop training for five or 10 minutes and start talking about the pass, after having stopped the game for 10 minutes, you really don’t want to lose the ball again”, he reflected.

And it is not that Guardiola has only changed things in the first team of the City “He likes to be aware of everything, the smallest and the way they play”, Ambrose continued. “The reserve team trained in the same place as the professionals and changed everything, which is an advantage when 10-year-olds play in the same way”, he added.

Guardiola’s style seems to be paying dividends. They are 16 points behind the second-placed Premier League, Manchester United, and in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, where they will face Liverpool.

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