Can Kevin Durant Lead A Warriors Team Without Steph Curry?

◼️ Steph has been ruled out at least until after the first round of the playoffs, Thompson also in doubt with thumb injury. 

We’ve seen Kevin Durant play without Steph Curry this year and you can see something is off with the team. The Warriors have been built to play around one type of offensive player and that’s Steph Curry.

He’s been the engine of this successful team for some time now and without him, it looks like a struggling machine. Kevin Durant had no problems adapting to this team and even if he’s arguably the second best player in the world and certainly the best player in his team, he is not the leader.

Kevin Duran always showed an extraordinary level of basketball, but when it came to leadership and character, he’s been sidelined in that regard. One would think in OKC that he was the voice and leader the team needed, but Russ Westbrook had a tougher and more explosive mindset that the team rallied behind.

When he arrived to GSW, everyone thought there would be some type of backlash having so many all-stars and big egos in the team. But things and roles were already established by then and it never stoped being Steph Curry’s team to this date. Even if Curry is not in the court, KD isn’t even the leadership successor, Green has a bigger character and a more explosive mindset that makes everyone listen to him and therefore makes him the so called ‘successor’.

So with that said, we ask the question weather he can take this team and lead them to a successful playoffs in a very tough Western Conference, probably the toughest in recent years. Usually I would think yes, but that’s not the case with KD, great players with a passive mindset don’t usually make it.

Take a look at the great ones, MJ with an extremely competitive character, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant and his ‘Mamba Mentality’, all of them had this fire in their eyes, an extra push that made them run faster than everyone else, jump higher, fight harder and that’s what I lack to see from this extraordinary player.

This is the perfect opportunity to shut the critics, to show the world that he doesn’t need a super team to win it all, that he is the future of the NBA and that his talent is all that it takes to make any team into a championship team. We will be watching and hoping to see that, because if so, he will dethrone the king and become the greatest player in the world.


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