◼️ The Greek forward of the Bucks told his personal story on a news program of the US network CBS.

In the most watched program in the United States since 2008, Giannis Antetokounmpo participated. ‘The Greek Freak’ was one of the two protagonists of the latest edition of 60 Minutes, by CBS.

Anteto was interviewed in an episode that was dedicated to his life and works as -and- one of the great stars of the NBA. He returned to demonstrate his simplicity and humility, something he did after the death of his father in The New York Times.

One of the interesting fragments was also in which he talked about his athletic abilities. He said that the whole track can be covered with only six steps. And from the free throw line he was the only one who could jump from there and reach the basket, he said.

Finally the reportage was dressed with other testimonies, including that of the president of the franchise. So much is the global success of Milwaukee because of Antetokounmpo that, according to Peter Feigin, more than 50% of digital traffic comes from outside the United States.

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