Messi: “To Walk By The World Cup Was Terrible”

◼️ The star of Barcelona recalled the final against Germany in 2014 and lamented the one on one opportunity missed in the start of the complement.

They spent almost four years of the final of the 2014 Brazil World Cup between Argentina and Germany, but in the head of Lionel Messi there is an image that is repeated continuously of that game: the ball going to the side of the goal stick defended by Manuel Neuer after a clear shot of his.

“I saw very little of that game, I think about how I hit it, about the support I had, about how badly I handled it, that I should have hit the ball it with the instep, like the other day against Chelsea, that always goes to the goal”, He analyzed the star of Barcelona in a conversation with Fox Sports and tried to console himself: “In that moment you have to act fast and it happened like that, when I see it I think a million things”.

In addition, he told how difficult it was to take the award forward after falling 1-0 in overtime: “Imagine if we had been world champions, would have changed everything for everyone, we were very close and that gives you more anger, hard to picture, we were not able to lift it, to pass by the World Cup was terrible”.

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