Is The Nightmare Back For Isaiah? The Hip Problems Return


◼️ The new acquisition by the Lakers is going to New York to look for treatment options that could include the passage through the operating room that he avoided last summer.

Is the nightmare back for Isaiah Thomas? The base of the Lakers has had to stop because of problems in the hip. The worst possible news: Thomas suffered a hip injury last season with the Celtics, but played the playoffs despite not being in perfect condition. Later he was transferred to the Cavaliers in a summer in which he preferred not to have surgery, he was still very affected by the death of his sister in a traffic accident and saw how his future got complicated: he had been twice all star and it seemed that his first big contract was around the corner. But now all that has changed.

The Isaiah of the fairy tale, the base of 1.75 in height and number 60 of the draft that sneaks into the conversations about the MVP and plays the All-Star as the face of the booming Celtics of Brad Stevens, happens to be a player in rehabilitation until his return in January to the courts with the Cavs, where not only he doesn’t fill the hole of Kyrie Irving but ends up being pierced a month later in the revolution that rush in Ohio because his season was going down the drain.

News about problems in the locker room and a light-years away from his level shown in Boston and ends his contract in the summer and has never cashed more than 7.2 million in one season. Keep playing with the 27 million bond for four years he signed at Sacramento Kings. That contract has taken him to Phoenix, Boston and L.A. In the Lakers, where in principle it will be difficult to be part of the future of the franchise of which he was a child follower, he had regained some spark and, still far from his best version, was beginning to straighten the course (15.6 points and 5 assists on average under Luke Walton) … until he has been forced to miss the last two games of the team, against Grizzlies and Pistons. And with only nine of Regular Season ahead, it can be bad news for his future aspirations.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles press announces that Isaiah has gone to New York to seek a second opinion and that he is considering treatments that may even go through the surgery he rejected last summer. And all with free agency in the back of his mind. A case of lousy timing … and very bad luck.

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