Kevin Durant Returned From Injury And Was Ejected Before The Half

The Warriors are in dire need of their All-Stars returning to the team, but today’s has not exactly been the best return. Kevin Durant returned to play after six games of absence and his presence on the court didn’t even last a full half as he was ejected before finishing the second quarter.

The Warriors, without Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Durant for the rest of the game, lost at home to Milwaukee Bucks by 107-116. It was their third consecutive home loss and the seventh in the last 10 games, Golden State’s worst streak in more than four seasons.

Durant was ejected with a double tech. The player had to go to the dressing room after arguing with a referee with 2.4 seconds remaining in the 2Q. Durant complained about an unmarked foul in front of the referee and didn’t stop arguing against him when the first tech had been called out.

“They fouled me and I told him how I felt and he sent me away”,  said Durant at the end of the match, adding that he would have liked to finish the game. The forward finished his participation in the game against the Wisconsin team, scoring 10 points, 6 assists and 3 rebounds with 4 of 10 shots in the field.

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