Kawhi Leonard Returns To New York And His Comeback Looks Complicated

The expected return of Kawhi Leonard to the NBA courts is taking longer than expected. As ESPN has learned, Leonard is in New York since last Monday recovering from his quadriceps injury and there is no estimated date for his return. A jug of cold water – another – for the Spurs and Leonard after weeks of constant contradictory rumors about their physical situation.

At the beginning of March it was assumed that Leonard would return to the team around day 15, but that date arrived and the player didn’t return to the courts, which provoked more rumors, a team meeting in which the Leonard affair was discussed. and finally several public messages from the Spurs’ squad ensuring they did not expect Leonard to return this season. That there has been tension between Leonard and various estates of the Texan franchise – players, technicians, trainers, doctors and directors – is something that is not clear since there are rumors from various sources that point to a distancing of Leonard with some members of San Antonio .

With just six games to play, in San Antonio they see the possibility that their best player returns during the regular season and that he does so only for the playoffs seems improbable. At this time the Spurs march quarterfinals of the Western Conference with a record of 44 wins and 32 defeats, the same setbacks as Oklahoma City and New Orleans, one less than Minnesota and Utah and two less than Los Angeles Clippers, team placed in ninth position .

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