James Harden Is Kevin Durant’s MVP

It’s been a long time that James Harden will be the MVP of the 2017-18 season; However, the high performance of LeBron James in recent weeks has fueled the debate about whether The King can take such a prize away for the Houston star. For Kevin Durant there is still no discussion.

“James Harden. I mean, LeBron is definitely playing great basketball, but I think James has had a much better year”, the Warriors forward told USA Today.

Durant is having a great campaign beyond the numerous technical fouls that have indicated, but can’t ensure that Golden State, after suffering numerous injuries, will be able to defend the title.

“I can’t predict that, I wish I could do it. But I feel good about the position we are in. I think it has been positive to have to overcome some problems down the road. “

Stephen Curry will not be in the first round of the playoffs and maybe a few more matches. Durant understands that that takes away their potential, but he does not think they should spend energy thinking about it. “If he comes back, obviously everyone will be excited and we will be a better team. But if he doesn’t, we can’t stop there. I have to go out and play as hard as I can, just as Klay and Draymond have to as well”, he concluded.

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