McGrady Sees No Superstar In The Next Draft

Orlando Magic has been staring for weeks in the 2018 Draft, a moment that they see as key for the team to finally take flight – at least morally – after six consecutive seasons without a playoff.

That’s the idea, but according to Tracy McGrady it will not be that simple. The former player of the Florida franchise does not doubt that there are talented players in the next class, but understands that none is at the level of the great stars of the NBA.

“I don’t see anyone in the Draft who can change a team. I look at some of those young people and I don’t see any Kevin Durant or some Carmelo Anthony. That is why many important teams have been eliminated with first-year students, while others with third or senior players have been advancing”, he told the media during the days he spent in Orlando for his tribute.

The conclusion of T-Mac can be based on the fact that the first elections usually arrive after only one year at the university; that is, they are players with great qualities who need time to develop. In that line could be placed players like Deandre Ayton or Trae Young, although perhaps not Luka Doncic, who despite having only 19 years has been tanned in a thousand battles in the European elite, may be the exception. In any case, McGrady believes that age will be decisive.

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