Several Franchises Will Approach The Spurs To Acquire Kawhi Leonard This Summer

◼️ This is what ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst says in ‘Outside The Lines’. It was pointed out that the forward is “distant” and “disconnected” from the team.

Kawhi Leonard has a contract with the San Antonio Spurs until the summer of 2019. When he reaches that date, the forward could go on the market or execute his player option to extend his relationship with the Texas franchise one more season. However, several teams in the NBA have seen a loophole to be able to take over the league’s twice best defender before that day. This was stated by Brian Windhorst (ESPN) at Outside The Lines: “I have spoken to several league general managers and at the end of the season they will call the Spurs to inquire about the availability of the player.”

The strange and complex campaign that is going through the eaves is the main reason. The mysterious injury to the right quadriceps, which has only allowed him to play nine games this year, has led to friction with the Texas franchise. Last January, journalist Adrian Wojnarowski and Michael C. Wright described Leonard’s attitude to the team as “distant” and considered him “disconnected” from the organization.

The different and failed information given from the Spurs about his return (despite statements contrary to that idea of ​​Gregg Popovich), also don’t seem to have helped both parties approach. There was talk of March and there was speculation about the playoffs until Manu Ginóbili spoke: “He will not return (…) We fell into them a week ago and I think that you, the press, have opened our eyes to that topic. We have to think that we are what we are, that with this we must fight to enter the ‘playoffs’ without him.” It’s hard to imagine the Spurs letting their franchise player go this summer, but weird things have been seen.

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