Durant Replies To Steve Kerr Comments: “Indiana Had A Better Strategy”

Steve Kerr exploded after the 20-point loss to the Indiana Pacers. The coach of Golden State pointed directly to the competitive spirit of his men, labeling what he saw on the track as a “pathetic effort“. Maybe he’s right about the Warriors letting go, or maybe he just wanted to give a touch of attention in the face of the upcoming playoffs. Be that as it may, Kevin Durant has another point of view to add to the analysis.

Also hurt by the defeat, the MVP of the last Finals understands that not everything is the effort, but “Indiana had a better strategy“; Of course, also admits that “they were more aggressive” than them. In short: it sounds as if Kerr blamed the players and KD said that there is also part of his fault on the bench.

More than a problem of understanding we can face an indigestion of defeats. Oakland have lost eight of the last fourteen games, a balance they have not faced for years and that can lead to some frustration.

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