Simmons Chooses Himself To Be Rookie Of The Year

“Who would I pick? Me 100%”. This is how Ben Simmons is sure to be questioned about what Rookie would give the Rookie of the Year award. Ok, it looks favorite. But it is no longer that he has done better than other colleagues, but directly believes that his career is destined to be among the best in history. And the star of the 76ers answers like that when asked what newbies have caught their attention.

“Any. I want to be where the big guys are, so I look at guys like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook … Players like that. That’s where I want to be. It’s what I love watching”, he explains to Chris Haynes of ESPN.

The truth is that Simmons has already entered the history of the NBA. With 12 triple-doubles – for now – in his first year in the league, he is the second most successful after Oscar Robertson, who went to 26; that is to say, it has surpassed one of the greatest legends of the competition, Magic Johnson, who stayed at 8.

At the individual level it is shining enormously, but the most interesting thing is that its repercussion at a global level does not lose strength. Philadelphia has accumulated 14 consecutive victories that have helped him reach 50 victories, a mark that was not placed in his locker since the 2000-01 season – yes, since they were in their last Finals.

Simmons has made merits to spare, but even so there is another name to consider: Donovan Mitchell. The Utah rookie has won the conversation because it is one of the keys to the Jazz being in the playoffs today. The star of the Sixers may prefer to focus on himself, but that is not why the shadow of the most surprising rookie of the year will disappear. “I don’t really listen to the comparisons. You can compare players, but at the same time each one is a player in itself. “

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