Nuggets And Timberwolves Will Play For The Last Playoffs Spot This Wednesday

What a Wednesday awaits us. What a closing day of the Regular Season. The Timberwolves and the Nuggets will play that day, and in a direct duel, the last place spot to the playoffs, both in the West and in the NBA. There’s only one seat left and that is what Denver and Minnesota will play for in Minneapolis. Whoever wins, goes to the playoffs. Whoever loses, says goodbye to the season.

Nuggets Or Wolves: Only Room For One

And this is so because both have the same balance of 46-35, after solving both their vital matches on Monday. They did not give in, as neither did anyone who played anything in the West, so in the absence of other results to smooth the way, everything will depend on them and nothing more than them on April 11.

Minnesota defeated Memphis (113-94), whose resistance was reduced mainly to the first quarter (20-26). Without Marc Gasol, the visitors had to surrender to the dominance in the painting of a Karl-Anthony Towns who wants playoffs and who signed 24 points and 18 rebounds. The second quarter of the Wolves (27-36) taught where things would go the rest of the night. And so it was, with the locals winning the remaining two quarters and, above all, giving the final push in the final assault with a clear and defining 30-19. Derrick Rose, 13 points and 3 assists in 20 minutes made one of his best works with his new team.

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