A Lot In Play On The Last Day Of The NBA Regular Season

The regular season of the NBA lowers curtain. Actually, for Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas and Charlotte, the end was on Tuesday. Nine teams know that Wednesday is the last day of their season. And 15 teams have qualified for the playoffs.

And finally there are Minnesota and Denver.

The 82nd match for both teams will have the edges of a seventh game, which is appropriate for the transition from the regular to the postseason. The winner of the Timberwolves-Nuggets will enter the playoffs, the loser will go home. It’s the first time since 1997 – and just the third since the NBA started with the current post-season format in 1983 – that two teams face off on the final day of the season in similar circumstances.

It’s transcendental“, said Karl-Anthony Towns, the Wolves’ Dominican star.

Minnesota is looking to qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2004 – the longest standing drought in the NBA. Denver – victorious in its last six games to stay afloat – seeks to advance to the postseason since 2013.

All the crosses of the first round will also be defined in both conferences.

Other aspects to take into account on the last day of the regular season:


It’s hard to scratch something that LeBron James hasn’t achieved in his career. If he plays Cleveland against New York, it will be the first time in his 15-season career that he plays each of the 82 games of the regular season. He will remain as leader of the NBA in minutes played, field shots scored and total points this season. All with 33 years of age.


Philadelphia will remain third in the East if Milwaukee wins and a team that had been synonymous with defeats in recent years will set a record for winning. If the 76ers prevail, it will be their 16th straight win and it will surpass the record of the longest winning streak at the end of a season in the NBA.


James Harden of Houston has tied the scoring title. He will be the first player to repeat the top scorer in the league since Kevin Durant, his former Oklahoma City teammate, won it three times between 2009-10 and 2011-12.


Golden State lost 10 of its last 17 games. The Warriors’ regular season came to an end on Tuesday with a beating suffered at the hands of Utah.

Klay Thompson is not worried, and is aware of the doubts surrounding the current champions – reduced by a plague of injuries, the most recent leaving Stephen Curry (knee). “We want to show them they’re wrong,” Thompson said.

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